Acting Teachers

Estes Tarver

Acting Instructor/Artistic Director

Estes Tarver is an award wining actor, director, writer, and producer working out of Raleigh, NC. He has acted in NYC, LA, NC, and regionally. Estes has recently been working on such shows as “House of Cards”, “The Outsiders”, and a new major film in ATL.  You might also have seen him as a recurring guest star in season two of Under The Dome on CBS as Tom Tilden.  [ See More ]

    Paul Paliyenko


    Paul Paliyenko is a professional actor with considerable experience performing on stage, screen, television, radio, and audiotape as an actor and improviser in Boston and NC. He is also an award-winning producer, director, cinematographer and sound designer with hundreds of film, video and audio producing and directing credits in Boston as well as nationally and internationally. [ See More ]

    Sean McCracken


    Sean McCracken is an actor, singer, and improvisor who has nearly 20 years experience on stage, as well as in film, television, commercials, web series, and industrials. He has most recently been seen on television in Outcast (Starz) and AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies, as the lead in the web series Just Rediculous (written and directed by Moonlight’s Estes Tarver) and on stage in Moonlight’s inaugural full length play, Seascape with Sharks and Dancer, Theatre Raleigh’s The Secret Garden and Rock of Ages, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with Broadway Series South. [ See More ]

      Oliver Riera


      Oliver Riera is professional actor and improviser who has worked in film, commercially, and on stage. He is well versed in both improv and acting.  Oliver has always been in a passionate pursuit of his craft both as an actor and improvisor studying heavily with both Jeris Donovan (Improv) and Estes Tarver (Acting).  Previous to that he trained at DSI Comedy Theater in Chapel Hill, NC.  [ See More ]

        Katy Castaldi

        Katy Castaldi is an MFA Acting Graduate of Playmakers Rep, at UNC Chapel Hill. She also has a BA from the New School in NYC where she studied film. Katy has over 15 years of experience in acting… [see more]

          Melanie Prince


          Melanie Prince started teaching acting after studying musical theatre at California State University, Sacramento. She ran a Northern CA private high school theatre program for three years and has also owned and operated a children’s performing arts school outside of Nashville TN. Click below to see more on Melanie’s Link “The Prince Chronicles”. [ See More ]

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