Thursday Night Reading Series

Thursday Night Writers Works!
(Play Reading Series)
Adult Audiences.

TIME: 8:30 for Actors and Writers and 9:00 for Audience!    COST:  NOTHING! It’s FREE!
DATES: Every Other Thursday.  Check out the Events Page for our next meeting!
Email if you want to receive notifications for upcoming writer’s groups or to submit a piece!


Hear your writing read by professional actors, or come and watch actors read great writing on the fly!



ACTORS: show up at 8:30 to be cast.

WRITERS:  TO SUBMIT email 10 pages of a play, short story, or screenplay to with the subject line SUBMISSION.  Writers with pieces being read in the evening should also show up at 8:30 to cast their piece.

AUDIENCE: Come at 9:00 and watch and support this amazing process and the awesome resident writers we have already attached. And help us build that into more!

Evening will start at 9:00. Writers come with copies of play and will cast actors with the workshop director. Actors will get a chance to read the play and then pretty quick we will get started. Actors and stage direction reader will be seated on stage.

Six (10 page) pieces of a screenplay or play or 5 pages of a short story will be read and possibly one original song.

No rehearsals.


Plays need to be heard. It is an important part of the creative process that is extremely helpful in developing a story. A writers group of new work is also that time when an actor can get in on the ground floor of a new play and make theater connections that forge a relationship with both the play and the playwright.

“As a screenwriter I can tell you that you must hear what you write. It is invaluable. When we write we hear something different in our imaginations than what actually comes out of an actor’s mouth. And it is hugely important in the evolution of a script. And it should be a part of any writer’s process before they shop a script to someone of experience. Also, hearing actors read it also gives you many ideas for where else it can grow and develop.”
Estes Tarver – Artistic Director MSC, Actor, and Writer. 

TO SUBMIT: Email 10 Pages of a Play or ScreenPlay to and put “SUBMISSION” in the Subject Line.

You will be notified if your piece is going to be read. If not and you would like feedback from our resident writers,  you can also request that as well.

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