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Auditions Feb 12th!





3 Week Musical Theatre Workshop For Teens (12+)
COST: $1500

    JUNE 5TH-9TH Rehearsals from 4-9 p.m.

    JUNE 12TH-16th Rehearsals at Moonlight  from 9-4 p.m.

    JUNE  19th-23rd Rehearsals and tech week at Main Stage, THEATRE RALEIGH


    June 23rd, 7:00 p.m.

    June 24th & 25th,  2p.m. and 7:00 p.m. each night


      one minute, age appropriate monologue

      32 bars of a song of any song of your choice.

      (Musical theatre or other genre is fine.)

      Auditions Feb 12th At Moonlight 1:30-4:30pm



        • Professional level production with award-winning director, Estes Tarver and musical director, Carrie Marshall!
        • Great Ensemble Production, Musical Dramedy!
        • Learn Process and Professionalism in a fun and creative environment!
        • Perform at a beautiful, professional theatre!


        Camp Crookline is an all original musical which follows the story of 12 teens who go to summer camp and get lost in the woods while searching for the mysterious lost ring of the camp’s legendary and long-lost founder, the crazy Humphrey Crookline. Forced to work together to find their way back to camp, mishaps and hilarity ensue! Choices, trust, talking trees and wistful wildflowers, a mysterious legend, a lost love and a lost ring; the crooked paths each camper follows leads them to places they never knew they could go. Filled with comedy, mystery, music, and a few life lessons thrown in for good measure, this show is great for the whole family!


        Rick: Age 15+ The Writer, A lover of words, Rick is the narrator of the musical and it is through his lens that we view the Camp Crookline story. Rick is intelligent and thoughtful, but has a tendency to be a loner who hides from reality  in his  imagination. Rick harbors a quiet crush for Riley. Baritone

        Augustine (“Aug”):  Age 14+ The Techie. Aug's  entire world is wrapped up in his computer and he doesn’t know how to relate to others socially outside of that context. He feels trapped by parental pressure to make friends and get more physically active, so camp is his worst nightmare.Baritone

        Chanel: The Wealthy Diva Age 15+, Chanel appears to be about all things Chanel. She is used to getting what she wants and she loves luxury and fashion. Her family is high powered and has connections, oftentimes meaning she doesn’t see them much. She does have a hidden artistic side that she doesn’t share with the world. Soprano

        Vivian: The Emo, 14+ Vivian is seemingly annoyed with everyone and everything. She can be impatient, a bit of a bully and a rebel. Her prickly demeanor hides her own insecurities and fears. She is a loner who would rather do something herself instead of working with a team. Alto

        Ella: Little Miss Sunshine 14+, Ella has a very sunshiny and naive view of her world. Extremely excitable and chatty, she tends to drive everyone crazy, but she has a good heart and yearns to make friends and sees beauty wherever she goes. Alto

        Riley: The Girl Next Door Age 14+, Riley sees herself as very ordinary, though she has an active imagination. She tends to blend into the crowd and avoid conflict. However, she has a willingness to do the right thing to help others, even if it costs her personally.  Soprano    

        Finn: The Boy Scout, 15+ Finn is all boy, athletic, and tends to assume he is the leader of whatever group he’s in and can be a bit of a drill sergeant. He is somewhat OCD, a perfectionist and can be unknowingly arrogant, but has a kind heart underneath all of his quirks and expectations of others. He is willing to sacrifice for the team.Tenor

        Taylor: The Follower, 13+ Taylor is quiet, mousy, and attached at the hip to Chanel, always seeking her validation and approval. She is taken advantage of and tends to be unseen by others. Tired of being a push over, Taylor finds inner steel she never knew she had. Mezzo Soprano

        Hayden: The Clown, 15+ (Any Gender) Hayden is the sarcastic, wisecracking kid who is a bit cynical about life, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Practical as well as a practical joker, Hayden is the veteran camper of the group and happy to share  knowledge of Camp Crookline. Mezzo Soprano

        Forest/Camper 1, 12+:  (Any Gender) Playing dual parts, Forest is literally a singing, cynical tree for half of the show and unhappy being a nondescript camper for the rest of the show.  Forest is full of wisecracks and one-liners and Forest yearns for the spotlight one day. Guitar or Ukulele player helpful, though not required.

        Daisy/Camper 2, 12+: A dual role of talking wildflower and camper…Daisy is always getting overlooked or stepped on. She also yearns to be noticed and appreciated for who she is. Soprano

        Lily/Camper 3, 12+: A dual role of talking flower and camper, Lily is also much more than just a wallflower…she has hopes and dreams that are as yet unrealized. Mezzo Soprano

        Mr. Crookline: 60's+ A crochedy old man who founded the infamous camp. Crookline is a hermit who has lost patience with the world and especially young campers. He harbors the true knowledge of Camp Crookline’s legend and longs for a lost love.

        Camp director, 20's-30's: Cameo role. Organized and just trying to keep the campers in line. Does she know the answer to the Camp’s secret?

        CAMPER CHORUS - 8 ROLES, ages 12+: The Crookline chorus is a mix of ages and vocal ranges and is the featured ensemble for the songs. These characters will also be a part of our opening act, with different scenes kicking off the show.


        *all genders and ethnicities encouraged to audition for all roles.